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The Greatest Investor

Prepare to Make Millions, Outwit Your Rivals, and Dominate the Stock Market in The Greatest Investor: A Wildly Entertaining and Strategic Investment Card Game!
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"The Best Educational card game about long term investments."

The must-have game of 2024

Embody the spirit of 2024 with The Greatest Investor, the perfect game for aspiring financial moguls. This strategic card game combines engaging gameplay and clever mechanics to immerse players in the dynamic world of finance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the scene, The Greatest Investor offers an exciting platform to test your skills and make shrewd decisions. Sharpen your financial acumen while indulging in an immersive and thrilling experience. Prepare to conquer the market and emerge as the ultimate investor of 2024!


The Greatest Investor

A thrilling card game that challenges your strategic skills in the dynamic world of finance.

The Crypto Edition

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Expand your investment empire into the realm of cryptocurrencies with The Greatest Investor’s exciting crypto add-on expansion pack.

The Limited Edition

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A collector’s dream featuring an exclusive bonus collector’s item. A unique gold bar with its own serial number, so the game can officially be registered.

How It Works

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How to win The Greatest Investor?

To win The Greatest Investor, players aim to accumulate the highest net worth by the end of the game. Net worth is calculated by adding up the value of your investment cards, cash on hand, and any other assets specified in the game. Throughout the game, players strategically invest, trade, and make decisions to maximize their portfolio’s value while minimizing risks. The player with the highest net worth at the end of the game emerges as the ultimate winner. It requires a combination of shrewd decision-making, risk management, and a bit of luck to come out on top in The Greatest Investor.

Provide all players with the next asses cards

Designate a player as the bank. Responsible for managing the game’s finances, including money and put/call options. This player takes charge of overseeing transactions and ensuring the smooth operation of the financial elements within the game.

At the start of each round, players have the option to purchase either a put or a call option. Once all players have taken their turns, the opportunity to buy puts and calls arises again at the beginning of the next round. This allows for ongoing strategic decision-making and the potential to adapt investment strategies based on evolving market conditions.
After each player has had the opportunity to purchase a put or call option, the game begins with the youngest player taking the first turn. Each player has two actions to complete.
Action 1: Involves drawing an asset card and deciding whether to buy it, exchange it with a card inside your own portfolio, or leave it on the stack for other players to buy or exchange.

Action 2: Entails drawing an event card and executing the action specified on the card, which impacts all players. These actions offer strategic opportunities to shape your portfolio and affect the game dynamics for everyone involved.

The game ends when all Event cards have been played. Players then calculate their total portfolio value and half of their remaining cash. The player with the highest combined value, comprising portfolio and cash, earns the prestigious title of The Greatest Investor ever.

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About Our Game

At The Greatest Investor, we are passionate about blending entertainment and finance. Our goal is to create engaging and immersive experiences that allow players to unleash their inner mogul, sharpen their strategic skills, and dive into the exhilarating world of investing. Join us on this thrilling journey! Originally, the game has been designed to help school introduce the subject “Investing” into its lessons. It is an easy way to learn the basics about investing without any knowledge of the subject.

How did The Greatest Investor start
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Frequently Asked Questions

The game is designed for 2 to 5 players, allowing you to compete with friends or challenge a group of fellow investors.
On average, a game of The Greatest Investor takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete. However, the duration may vary based on the players’ strategies and decision-making.

No, prior knowledge is not necessary. The Greatest Investor is designed to be accessible to players of all backgrounds and expertise levels, providing a fun and engaging experience for both novices and seasoned investors.

Yes, The Greatest Investor offers expansion packs, including the exciting Crypto Expansion, which introduces the world of cryptocurrencies into the gameplay, providing new opportunities and challenges for players.

The game is recommended for ages 14 and above due to its strategic nature and complexity. However, parental discretion is advised, as younger players with an interest in finance may also enjoy and benefit from the game.

Absolutely! You can find comprehensive rules and instructions for The Greatest Investor on our website or within the game box, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team can be reached via email or through our website’s contact form. We’re here to help!